Baden-Baden, Germany: The Best Spa in the World – Caracalla Spa

(Note: These are scanned postcards of Caracalla. I thought it would be weird to bring a camera in the spa and sauna areas.)

The guys gave Aunty E and me a Christmas present to visit a European spa in Baden-Baden, Germany at Caracalla Spa. No kids and pampering for four plus hours. Just rest and relaxation.  Who could pass that up? I mean. Really, look at this postcard. The place looked like that during the day – just with a ton more people squished next to one another.

Caracalla Spa 1

Baden-Baden, Germany is known for its fresh clean air. In German, “Bad” means bath/spa. Baden-Baden is, thus, the place to go for the ultimate spa experience.

We were given a facial treatment that put me to sleep. It was the most wonderful and relaxing experiences of my life. Now, I had one facial when I was a single working person back in the day, but that place gave me scars. That was a place to show how not to get a facial.

Caracalla Spa 1 2

Caracalla offers the full spa experience in nude-only rooms, indoors, and outdoors. The postcard above is the Roman-Greco-themed spa room where you can be completely nude.  For Europeans, it’s no big deal. For Koreans, it’s no big deal either.  For as long as I can remember, my parents have told me that Koreans enjoy going to hot bath houses to really get your body relaxed and thoroughly cleaned. It’s supposedly an amazing experience.  But Aunty E and I are Korean-Americans.  We don’t do that sort of thing.

We opted for the outdoor spa. It seemed like a cool experience to go into a spa outdoors during winter. Boy, it was a hopping place. And at 14 euros for two hours, families, couples, and single people packed into the sauna rooms and spas, spending their entire day there (almost like going to beach during the summer).

Caracalla Spa 1 3

In the post card above, I circled the area where we sat in the soothing hot waters in the wintery cold weather. We let our fingers and toes wrinkle up like prunes before getting out to have a light lunch.  Aunty E said I should do this once a year back in the States. But now having experienced the best spa in the world, how can I ever go to another spa again? I may have to just call this a one in a lifetime experience.

And even though we didn’t enter the nude spa areas, Europeans still felt free enough to walk around naked as they stood in the entry way of the changing rooms or the sauna rooms. So for those of your modest folks, like us, just beware.

Thanks to our amazing husbands who watched four kids for hours and let us feel like queens for a day and everyday for that matter.

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