Luxembourg – Spending our New Year’s

We got to the Novotel Hotel in Luxembourg around 5 pm, but the kids had a late lunch and were begging to unwind in the hotel room.  After settling in, we walked about 10 minutes to the city centre only to find that almost al the stores and restaurants were closed early for New Years.

IMG_1446 IMG_1440

A few restaurants were open, but we weren’t sure which one we should try.  A random gentleman asked if we were looking for a good place to eat, but he only offered the name of person who works there and a general location of the restaurant. No name of the place or address was given, so we were back to square one.


We tried one place on the corner, and it was filled with tourists some who spoke English, so we plopped right down and ate our New Year’s Eve dinner without any champagne or wine – just two pizza pies, some pasta, and 2 dishes of coq-au-vin, braised rooster-based dish, which was “very mediocre” according to Prof and Aunty E.

IMG_1457 IMG_1456IMG_1453

We walked around after dinner, but everything was closed, the kids were freezing, and we could barely see ahead of us.  We passed by a steep staircase down to a garden area, but it said to walk down carefully at your own risk.  We chose to walk right on by.

IMG_1469 IMG_1470

IMG_1464 IMG_1471

The kids passed out very early around 9 pm, and we all celebrated New Year’s Eve hearing the fireworks from our hotel room.

The next morning, we enjoyed all Luxembourg had to offer with a buffet breakfast in the hotel and playing computer games until it was check out time.  But for what it was worth, the four of us wouldn’t have spent our New Year’s any other way.

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