Trier, Germany – Kartoffel Kiste Restaurant and New Year’s Eve Race

If you have been keeping up with our Christmas vacation adventure, we are coming to the half way point in our journey to spending New Year’s Eve in Luxembourg.  It was sort of a spontaneous decision go to Luxembourg, knowing that most places would be closed.  But on the morning of New Year’s Eve, we packed our bags and left in a rush to get there at a reasonable time.

IMG_1362 IMG_1428

IMG_1388Prof and Uncle B went to Trier, Germany, the day before to see the ancient ruins. And since Trier was on the way to Luxembourg, we ate lunch at the same restaurant, Kartoffel Kiste.

The restaurant was great in providing pencils and kid’s menus as coloring pages. We ordered schnitzel, potato soup, salad, pork, French fries, and pasta. We devoured our meal down to the last morsel.

IMG_1381 IMG_1378 IMG_1377

Once we walked outside, we walked around the city centre and walked people of all ages ice skate around a small rink.  The kids enjoyed watching them skate, and the kids longingly watched the ice skaters, wishing to skate themselves.


The pedestrian areas were blocked off for a race.  And we made our way to the starting line, and watched elementary-aged kids run their race. It was cute to see them gearing up in the cold weather and talking with the MC about their excitement about being a participant.

IMG_1424 IMG_1425

(Note: This is one of my favorite pics of the day.  The expression on these kids’ faces is hilarious! It tells you how cold and windy it was on the day of the race.)

Then we drove off to your final destination for the evening: Luxembourg!

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