Strasbourg, France – City Centre and La Maison Des Mezzes Restuarant

After the trip to the zoo, we stopped for a quick visit to Strasbourg, France. The architecture in France was, of course, beautiful. The exterior of each building was more ornate than the previous one.  And the air in France smelled more romantic in the cold weather (if you can smell romance =)).

IMG_1280 IMG_1324

In the city centre, the Christmas markets were still open, and we were on high alert for pick pocketers who prey on tourists.  We kept a vigilant eye on our bags and children.


The kids immediately took notice of a busy carousel next to the cathedral.  Linus chose a car.  Piano Man picked a motorcycle, and L1 and L2 chose the coveted airplane. (The airplane was a sweet ride because it made noises and went up and down as if the kids were flying a plane.) But I think Linus had the most fun because he was screaming at the top of lungs as if he was driving a real car.

We tried to find a restaurant, but because Europeans eat dinner at a much later hour, we were scrounging around to find an open restaurant at 5 pm.

But as we walked along different streets, the kids stumbled upon a bike play area.  Linus was passed out, so he missed out on all the fun.

One place had the lights on in the back, but it didn’t look like it was open for business.  We knocked on the door, and Chef Marie was kind enough to take us in for early dinner service.


La Maison des Mezzes is a very tiny restaurant which could seat up to about 12 people inside.  Chef Marie and her husband immigrated to France about 20 years ago, and she makes all her meals from scratch.  We basically were served whatever she made, and it felt like a mom making food from her heart.


This place was treasure to find in the city of Strasbourg.  If you are ever in Strasbourg, this is a must eat at restaurant.

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