Basel, Switzerland – Basel Zoo

And what kind of parents would we be, if we didn’t let our kids be kids at a zoo.  But first, we had to eat breakfast.  At the Ramada Inn, the kids enjoyed their strawberry juice with fresh fruit, sausages, eggs, and warm croissants.


And the view wasn’t bad either.


We drove in the brisk morning hours to see some amazing creatures.

IMG_1215 IMG_1204IMG_1208 2

(Side comment: We were in the primate  exhibit, and I saw this sign on the way out of the building. I said out loud, “What? You can’t use sign language in here?” Prof busted out in the heartiest laugh since, and said, “Oh hon, you’re funny.” Then he just kept walking and laughing away.  And Aunty E looked like me like, “Are you for real?” Oh, those are the moments when I should have used my inner voice.)

L1 was a zoo connoisseur.  Aunty E, L1 and L2’s mom, mentioned that L1 and his dad are avid animal lovers and know them all very well.

Piano Man was just glad to be out and free to roam about the zoo ground.

Linus couldn’t help but stay awake to see some of these majestic creatures for himself. And Linus’ new girlfriend, L2, also enjoyed watching the animals at the zoo.

IMG_1223 IMG_1227

We were lucky to leave the zoo at the mid-morning hour when there was a line of people waiting to buy tickets.


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