Basel, Switzerland – City Centre

December 28th was another cloudy day, but we made plans to go to Basel Zoo in Switzerland.  We took our time to get there with four kids ages five and under, four adults, and two cars in the rain. Thankfully, the kids cooperated with the long drive, and we made it to the hotel by late mid-afternoon.


Perhaps it was also the stop at Burger King that made our journey bearable.

But once we got settled into the hotel at Ramada Inn, we knew there was not enough daylight hours to see all that we wanted to see at the zoo.


Instead, we took a tour of the city centre and loved the friendly-pedestrian areas with brightly lit Christmas lights still on display.


The streets were filled with the hustle and bustle of after Christmas shoppers trying to get a good deal. We picked up some famous, well-known gummies. Piano Man picked strawberry gummies, and it was hit!


We walked down the main path of the city centre and could not find a place that looked remotely interesting for dinner. We walked back down the main path and ended up eating “Chinese” food, which was fast and quick.


We walked around some more and took pictures of the fast moving waters in the Rhine River and a beautiful cathedral. According to our free Basel guide book, the cathedral is the landmark in Basel. Built between 12th and 15th c. in romanesque and gothic style, the former Episcopal Church’s square around the church is a meeting place for events.


I had no idea how beautiful Basel was until I read more about the sights and attractions in the free guide book. Several famous modern architectural buildings also reside there, as well as the architectural duo Herzog & de Meuron.

If we ever get a chance to visit Switzerland again, Basel will be a must see city to visit again on our travel itinerary.

Stay tuned and read tomorrow’s post on our trip to Basel Zoo.

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