Kyrenia Harbor and Castle

IMG_0855After our visit at St. Hilarion Castle, Prof drove us down to Kyrenia.  We ate a nice warm meal in the cool outside seating area. We topped off with a nice hot tea that tasted remarkably like a freshly made Lipton tea and a hot chocolate for Piano Man.

IMG_0832 IMG_0824

We walked down to the harbor where we saw tons of boats, large and small. Piano Man wanted to visit another castle, so we walked to Kyrenia Castle.

IMG_0844 IMG_0849

While we were walking, there was another tourist group walking along the harbor.  This woman looked like she wanted to take a picture of the boats and water. And from the corner of my eye, it looked like I was in her way. So I kept doing spins move like a football player. After a few more spins, she motioned for me to stand still so she could take a picture of Linus and me. I politely smiled and stood at a side profile for her. I guess they don’t see toddler strapped to the back of a parent too often. Prof said they were tickled to take a picture of a baby in a backpack carrier. Another man later asked to take a picture, so I stood to my side one more time. It was a weird feeling to have some stranger take my picture.

IMG_0758 2 IMG_0882

Now Kyrenia Castle was different from St. Hilarion.  Being so close to the ocean, it was heavily fortified.  It didn’t have the natural mountainous terrain to protect it from any enemies, like St. Hilarion did.  We didn’t have to walk nearly as many steps, but Piano Man wanted to walk all around the border of the castle, which one could easily fall to their death if you weren’t paying attention where you were walking.

IMG_0776 2

But the views from the castle to the Mediterranean waters were breath taking. It didn’t hurt that it rained the night before to make the sky look even brighter either.


2 thoughts on “Kyrenia Harbor and Castle

    • Good question. I don’t think they know much about East Asia in general. They usually assume we’re Chinese first. And once they know that we are from the States, they ask where our original ancestry is from. And then ask if our ancestry is North or South Korea. So they hardly see Koreans, let alone Korean-Americans.

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