Kourion Archaeological Site

(Note: Although I had planned on posting two more stories about my observations about Christmas in Cyprus, I opted to delete them and share with you pictures of a recent day trip in Cyprus. Enjoy!)

On December 4th, Linus and I tagged along with Prof to a local archaeological site in Kourion.

(Now I usually don’t get dressed into my usual jeans and t-shirt get up until after Piano Man has left for school.  But on that morning, Piano Man noticed that I was dressed and the kitchen table was pretty much cleared before he was completely done eating breakfast. I thought nothing of it at the time, but Piano Man took quick notice of this change.)

Also, Linus never gets to leave the apartment that early, so he was particularly happy to leave our small apartment to see what was out there.

IMG_0536Off we went. The weather was looking down right dismal. But after the rain subsided, we saw another rainbow. (I don’t know what it is about this place, but you can see plenty of rainbows after rainstorms.)

Once we arrived at Kourion, we made our way through mosiac art, a theater, bath houses, and a temple. Prof mentioned cool things about one of the bath houses, where wood fires were used to heat water underneath the water above to create a steamy hot bath.


theater                     mosaic art                     pillar


cool water bath house      &       warm water bath house

IMG_0543It was much windier and colder than we expected. And poor Linus only wore a long sleeve and sweatshirt. As snot was pouring down his face, we figured he just about had enough, and was ready to go home for a nice long nap in the car ride home.

(Picture taken between the head rest and passenger seat)

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