Restaurant Review: TGI Fridays

IMG_0700Piano Man wanted to eat dinner at TGI Fridays, located in the Mall of Cyprus, after our date at the performance of Cinderella. We arrived at the mall completely surprised by the number of teenagers hanging out.

He was determined to eat at TGI Fridays because the other night, we were walking outside of the mall and noticed a large play structure in the food court area. (We  realized that it was part of the TGI Friday’s establishment.)

To be quite honest, I can’t remember the last time I had eaten at TGI Fridays, but Prof knew my usual order – a half rack of baby back ribs platter. (After all, I am a Southern girl, and baby back ribs are a personal favorite.) We shared that platter along with another dish or two.

IMG_0716Oh, and the kids had a blast! There is no free play space for the kids at the Mall of Cyprus. And that is something we miss when we go to the mall back home.

Conclusion: You’re probably wondering how the baby back ribs tasted in Cyprus? Well, it’s pretty much the same. That famous Jack Daniels sauce they put on the ribs tasted like the ribs I had many years ago. And the greasy feeling you get when you eat at a TGI Fridays, Chili’s, or Bennigan’s (Yes, they do have a Bennigans’s here!) restaurant is still the same. But hey, it’s part of American culture to eat greasy food, right?


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