A Date with Cinderella

On December 1st, Piano Man and I had a date night (afternoon date that is) at the Russian Cultural Center to watch Cinderella.  The amateur theater group in town put on an interactive play. They threw out chocolate to the audience, allowed the kids to try on the glass slipper during the play, and asked questions to which the audience would yell all sorts of good and not so good words. It’s not what we’re used to back home, but it was quite a good experience for us.


(As they tossed out candy, I caught one for Piano Man.)

I don’t know what made the theater group decide to have a woman play the prince, but it was a strange sight to see. Two very large hairy men played the comedic role of the step-sisters was also a bit unconventional.


(Prince Charming and Cinderella)

Overall, the performance was cute and entertaining. They referenced many things about Cyprus that felt more suited for an adult audience. I just hope Piano Man doesn’t think all future Cinderella performances will be based on Cyprus references, such as the “Presidential Palace is full of idiots,” and “Cyprus’ Got Talent.”


(Step-Sisters and Cinderella)

Even though another little boy behind us kept kicking Piano Man in the head during the performance, Piano Man took it all in stride. I think I was more bothered by the boy than Piano Man, so I held my arm on the back of the chair and politely talked with his mother.

Intermission was quite long for a largely children-based audience. The kids were running free on stage, sitting and chatting. Some of the younger ones were without their parents.


(singing Christmas carols)

The most important part of the night was spending one-on-one time with my little man. And we accomplished that.

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