Craft Tutorial: Larger than Life Paper Christmas Tree

We debated for about a second whether to take the plunge and buy a plastic tree for Christmas. But because our time here is short, we knew we could use our resources to make a more kid-friendly Christmas tree.

If you have construction paper, you can make this easy and removable paper Christmas tree.


I would have done this design above (using 8.5×11 or A4 sized green and brown construction paper), if it were not for all the leftover butcher paper from the Halloween party.


I put this bare tree up on the wall one morning, and when Piano Man came home, he was pleasantly surprised.  He forgot to have a snack after school and promptly began working on making paper ornaments.

IMG_1077So after several days, he has made some interesting decorating choices.  But it’ll probably be a work in progress everyday leading up to Christmas.


green butcher paper (or plenty of green 8.5×11 or A4 paper)

colored construction paper for paper ornaments (yellow, red, brown, and any other color you desire)

stickers (available in the $1 section at Target)

leftover magazines, Christmas cards, etc. (to decorate the tree)





1. Fold green butcher paper in half. Cut out tree in green butcher paper to your desired length and width. Unfold and tape up to a bare wall.

2. Design, cut, and decorate paper ornaments and tape to the tree.

3. Design, cut, and tape a yellow star (or any other design you choose) out of construction paper.

4. Add stickers in a pattern at an angle down the tree.

5. Add a brown piece of construction paper at the bottom of the tree. (I opted to not add it since our little Linus would find a way to rip it down.)

6. Voila! You have a splendid 2D paper Christmas tree just in time for the holidays.

There’s still time to add a little Christmas cheer, so go ahead and make a paper with your friends or family!


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