The Santa Claus Delegate from Cyprus

(If you enjoyed reading the post, “Santa Claus is from America,” then you are going enjoy this one.)

IMG_0731Linus received a present at the last mommy playgroup when one of the fathers from the group dressed up as Santa.  Linus was curious but not at all interested in receiving a present from the strange bearded man.  But when he opened the bag, Linus was very excited to see a car!

Piano Man came home from school and immediately noticed the new wooden Ikea car on the coffee table.  He asked where did Linus get the toy.  I told him that he got it at the Santa Claus party.

He asked if Santa was coming again to Cyprus on Christmas Eve. I told him that as long as he is sleeping when Santa comes, then he should be coming for a visit. “So when you wake up on Christmas morning, you should see something <under the tree>.”

When Prof came home from work, he tried to play up the whole Santa doesn’t bring presents to Korean kids in Cyprus, but Piano Man wasn’t buying that story anymore.

I finally explained to Prof that I said the Santa from the Cyprus delegation came for a visit at the mommy playgroup, and that he would be making another visit on Christmas Eve.

Do you think Piano Man buys this story? We keep changing up the story so much, who knows what our kid believes about Santa?


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