Athens, Greece – Puppet Museum & Lykavittos Hill (Day 3)

After making some more rounds of archeological sites, we made plans to visit the famous puppet museum. But when we stopped by the old at factory turned into museum, it looked empty.

Well, it turns out that the workers at the museum are on strike, so the puppet museum was closed.

IMG_0501Later that afternoon, we took a taxi to Lykavittos Hill, which overlooks the city. It was quite chilly up the mountain, but the view was well worth it. Even Linus wanted in on the walk up the steps.

After some aerial shots of the city, we got some more hot chocolate and french fries to warm us up before taking the cable car back down the slope.


We were surprised when we took the cable car down that it was enclosed the entire way. We didn’t get to see anything til we got back to the bottom and out the front door.


And after two straight nights of Korean food, we opted for Greek food at
Diogenes Taverna
.  Not a single person was in the restaurant when we ate.  It was a nice and quiet end to another day in Athens.


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