Athens, Greece – Acropolis Museum (Day 2)

After our second archeological visit, we made our way to the Acropolis Museum.

The museum had a special exhibit on “archaic colors,” showing how sculptures used to be painted from nature, such as using pigmentation from various flowers.

The four-level building was a magnificent space. It mostly made of smooth concrete and large glass panes. Whoever designed the building carefully thought about the ancient Parthenon, using line of sight to think about a person’s viewpoint from one location to the other.

The basement level had archeologists working on various projects, which you could see through glass panes from above to watch the work in progress.

The main entrance level was dark and yet had a cozy feel. But once you walked to the upper levels, the space was much lighter and open. And when natural light enters the second level, you could feel like you are walking in the open sky.

The cafe’ was nice to sit and enjoy having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate on a cold autumn day. It was practically empty when we were there, so no need to worry about the kids distracting other patrons.

Oh, and if you need a stroller for your kid, they offer free Maclaren trollers to push your child (or in our case children) around and enjoy the museum. Just provide an ID card.

We thoroughly enjoyed the museum and all it had to offer.

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