Athens, Greece – Parthenon (Day 1)

IMG_0319We went on our first international excursion from Cyprus to the beautiful country of Greece. Linus tried to help pack for the trip ( see pic from last Friday’s post ).

Prof had a little pep in his step, as this was his first time in Greece. You could see the kids had a happy look too.

We ventured around the city via subway and own set of legs.  No stroller was needed for those rocky slopes up to Acropolis.  Linus was conveniently strapped in the baby carrier, which was a serious workout for me – kind of like carrying a 20 lb. bag of rice around the city.

Because of our 20 lb. load, we decided to take a kiddie train ride around the area. The kids enjoyed it, but poor Linus fell asleep during the ride.  He missed all the basic sights: coffee shops, Acropolis museum, tourist shops, and a protest.

We saw the Parthenon, which was undergoing some major work.  But we didn’t mind because hardly anyone was there. I can only imagine the heat, crowds, and cranky moods would make a visit here in the summer tough for us.

Ironically, a large Korean tourist group was at the steps as well, but we just spoke in English and walked on.

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