Restaurant Review: To Psi To

There is this great Cypriot take out place we like to go – To Ψ To. It’s not meant to be a sit down joint, but for a family with young children, it’s perfect.

The roasted chicken is a must when you order. It literally falls off the bone.  And the side dishes are delicious.

It’s mostly a lunch place, so if you come right before 5 pm, you can have it as an early dinner in Cyprus, or a late lunch for Cypriots.

The picture above doesn’t do the place justice. They ran out of chicken, so they offered us pork instead. Actually, they ran out of all our favorite side dishes.  But the next time we order take out from this place, we’ll be sure to update a picture of the roasted chicken!


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: To Psi To

  1. Sounds delicious! A simple roasted chicken with sides is one of my favorite meals. Did we take you guys to Jarabacoa City for the chicken with rice and beans in A-Town? Loved that place until they changed ownership and became unreliable. 😦

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