Review: My Mall Limmasol vs. The Mall of Cyprus

Now we that we have been to both malls, I feel that I can give a better assessment of the two major malls in Cyprus.

My Mall Limmasol

(Isn’t it cute that it rhymes?) We drove to this mall to find it had quite a nice large sign to direct traffic to the mall, like you would see signs for the outlet malls in America.

It looked bigger and felt bigger. The inside had poinsettias and lightly decorated Christmas decorations. I am sure it’s nothing like the Mall of America in Minnesota or the mall in Dubai, but I figured that it was a decent size mall for an island of a population of about 1 million people.

There were mostly boutique stores, like Nine West, Guess, Lacoste, etc. The mall even had a small ice skating rink at the bottom level.

The place felt warmer with natural sky lighting to brighten the mall’s interior spaces. It felt warmer and happier.

The Mall of Cyprus

The Mall of Cyprus is a bit different than your typical mall. It has a large Carrefour, a grocery store, inside the mall. The walls are dark colored, which makes the space feel cramped and crowded even when there aren’t a lot people there.

They have a Debenhams, which is a department store. Aditionally, there is an Ikea which is a separate space from the mall, but within walking distance.  And there is a Hamley’s toy store, which all children love.


I guess you can’t say one is better than the other. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. But I would much rather choose a more open and warmer space than a cold and dark interior space any day.

On a side note: This was a cute depiction of a restroom sign at My Mall Limmasol.

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