Where Are the Homeless? (Part 1)

When I worked for a state-level politician, lobbyists used to give loads of catered food to young staffers like myself. After work hours, I would quickly snatch up the boxes of food and drive a block or two from the office.

Every week, I would ask the same group of guys if they would like some food.  The lobbyists thought they were getting on our good side to have access to the politician, but little did they know that they were helping the community.

Several years later, I remember walking around Washington, D.C. and seeing a nearly blind homeless woman by the escalators at a busy metro station.  Tons of people walked by, but not a single person took notice of her fragile hands held up in the air- asking for something. Anything.

She sat alone, quietly and patiently. I saw her from a distance in the hustle and bustle of other tourists.  I had only a granola bar with me, and so I stooped down and asked her if she would like it.  Maybe it was the loud noises in the area, but it took awhile for her to register that I was offering her something.

I finally placed the granola bar package in her hand and wrapped her fingers around the bar, and I said, “Jesus loves you,” and walked away.

She shot up and ran after me when I walked halfway across the street. She gave me the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek.  I was surprised. Never had I received such kindness from a stranger before. For that brief moment, I think we were both grateful for the kindness bestowed upon one another.


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