Piano Man’s Sick Day

Piano Man caught the nastiest cold late Thursday night. He had terrible chills and fever that was hotter than burning toast in a toaster oven.  He could not get a proper night’s rest. Neither could Linus with all the commotion we were making, in addition to turning the lights on and off.

Piano Man’s fever still hadn’t broken in the morning, so he stayed home from school. He was so sad to miss show-and-tell day.

(Question: Can you guess what the name of this 1989-1991 American tv cartoon was called?  See answer at bottom of post.)

But he got to do what every kid enjoys on a sick day – watch massive amounts of television (as much as one’s body could handle when you are still feverishly sick.) 

Linus reaped the benefits of watching tv too. And they both slept for three long hours until the afternoon.

By then, his fever broke, and he propped himself right up and asked, “Ummah, what can I do? I feel better.” (He was insinuating that he would like to play with toys now.)

I’m glad to know we didn’t have to go see a doctor here, since our favorite pediatrician is thousands of miles away.

Answer: Captain N: The Game Master


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