Cake Reviews: Zorbas vs. Ariston

We went searching to find reasonably priced cakes in Nicosia before Piano Man’s joint birthday party.


We tried Ariston since it looked like a nice brightly lit bakery during one of our evening drives.  It turned out to be quite expensive, and probably the bakery Piano Man would like the least.  (He detests fondant icing, and that is the only way they decorate cakes.)

I had researched prices for cupcakes during Piano Man’s mini party at school.  And that place was the most outrageous for what they offered. Old cupcakes sitting in beautiful decorated boxes, but the fondant icing was already starting to crack – apparently drying out.


A new friend mentioned Zorbas for their reasonable prices and extremely yummy taste. So we gave it a shot, and it was the best place for us. Piano Man picked out a cake, and that was that.  The cakes turned out wonderfully, and Piano Man devoured leftover cake the following day after his birthday. 

Conclusion: If you like fondant icing, then go with Ariston.  But if you are more of the yummy, creamy rich flavors of a beautifully done cake, then Zorbas is your cup of tea.  And let’s not forget to mention the affordable prices that Zorbas has to offer. We ended up buying two cakes, and it was still cheaper than the small fondant cake at Ariston.

There are a ton of bakeries in Cyprus. We hope to try out more during our stay here. We’ll let you know if we find another gem.


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