Restaurant Review: Aperitivo Jetset Lounge

I attended a thank you luncheon with other parents who helped Piano Man’s school Halloween party.  The organizer of the parent-teacher organization set the location for Aperitivo Jetset Lounge.

The outside wasn’t all that impressive. But on the inside, it was a black sparkly interior space (Sparkle Josh on HGTV’s “Design Star” would have loved it.) sprinkled with supposedly modern lighting accessories.  Three flat screen tv’s mounted to the wall blinded us with scantily clothed women in music videos. (But I had seen those everywhere at restaurants.) And the loud clubbing music matched the ambience of a club scene for a week day buffet lunch at 1 pm.

However, it was a buffet lunch, and I would never pass up a free buffet lunch. As a true American, I went for seconds, while everyone else filled their first and only plate. To my defense, my first plate was bare compared to the other moms, since I wanted to eat everything on my plate and make sure I liked what I got.

They had a salad bar that looked as beautiful as it tasted. And the sushi was pretty good considering it was made in Cyprus. But the sushi chef was actually Asian, so it made sense.

The hot food items, like the meats, were okay, Some of it was succulent, while other pieces were dry as beef jerky.

But the dessert was scrumptious. They had chocolate mouse, meringue sweets, raspberry mousse, doughnut like sweets, carrot cake, and fruit platter. I refrained from eating too much of that, since I had gorged on two medium sized plates of food.

Apparently, the place is always hopping busy. And boy it sure was by the time we left. (People sure do eat late here.)


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