When the Lights Go Out (Part 1)

People have told us that the cost of electricity in Cyprus is very expensive.  The cost can be anywhere between three to four more times what we would pay in the States.

How do we know this? Our landlord sent her home electricity bill to our apartment. We opened it thinking it was our bill, and we about nearly fell over when we saw the amount. Prof took a closer look at the address on the bill, and it was not our address. Whew.

Someone else mentioned that it had to do with a power plant explosion at a naval base in July 2011 that rocked Cyprus to a severe electrical shortage. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evangelos_Florakis_Naval_Base_explosion)

12 people immediately died in the explosion, and it left almost the entire island without power. The naval base was the island’s main electrical generator.  (Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/cyprus/8629594/Cyprus-explosion-knocks-out-islands-electricity-plant.html)

Since then, GE came to restore electrical power to the island, providing 40% of the island’s electrical needs. (Source: http://gastopowerjournal.com/projectsafinance/item/724-ge-aims-to-bring-explosion-hit-cyprus-plant-back-into-full-service-by-year-end)

I have seen several small businesses keep the lights off when the sun is out, or even when the clouds are out. So the need to be cautious with one’s use of electricity is paramount.


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