Do as the Europeans Do

A few weeks go, I wrote a few of posts about our experiences visiting various beaches in Cyprus. I didn’t want to taint your view of the beautiful beach scenery with my observations about how the Europeans consider what is appropriate clothing attire at the beach.


All I can say is that we were probably the most covered up family there. Just imagine Carla from “Scrubs” in the episode when Donald Faizon’s character saw his wife walking towards him.

Okay, my outfit didn’t look quite like that…well, maybe it did.  But we erred on the side of modesty (rash guards and long swim trunks for the kids and a tankini with non-matching Hawaii-decorated swim shorts for me), while many Europeans erred on the side of less is more.  I saw a man wearing a tight black speedo with an obvious beer gut to match, and a topless 40+year old woman who didn’t want to get a tan line. Even little ones were running around buck-naked.

I thought about our last fresh water beach trip in the States, and Americans would given a disgusted look, if a baby walked around naked on the beach.  What if the baby defecated all over the sand or if there was another topless 40 year-old woman? She’d probably get a ticket and a lot of “who do you think you are exposing my child like that?” from other parents.

And just when we thought we wouldn’t do as the Europeans do, we strip our kids down to their birthday suits at the pay-for-shower stalls to wash the salt water off the kids. So never say never.


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