Cypriot Road Rage

We saw a whole new meaning to road rage during one of our drives around the city.  We were just one block away from home when we saw an altercation that could have been disastrous.

They were already yelling at each other several inches away from one another, when we stopped at the signal.  The motorcyclist delivery guy pointed his finger and yelled all sorts of loud forceful words in Greek.

The driver in the car was trying to open the door, but the motorcyclist kept closing it shut.  The passenger in the car got out and looked on passively during the altercation. I wasn’t sure if he was going to leave his friend in the car behind or try to breakup the fight.

Then the signal turned green, and another car honked the horn to tell them to go.  The passenger got back in, and the car took off. The motorcyclist got on his bike and took off. Whew.

(Not actual picture of the person involved in the altercation. For visual purposes only.)

I seriously thought someone was going to go have to go the hospital.

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