Halloween Party of the Year

We attended Piano Man’s Halloween Party at school. I think it may have been the only place to have a party in celebration of Halloween. Thanks to Piano Man’s wonderful aunt and uncle, Piano Man’s costume came at the perfect time before the party.

While we like to hit up all the free events leading up to Halloween back home, we were quite surprise when we arrived fashionably late to the party.  There was a line to get in the door!

Once you got in, there was a huge buzz with the games, bouncy play area, pizza stand, drink stand, dessert stand.  The middle schoolers worked the face painting station, the high schoolers worked the haunted house station, and parents worked tirelessly to run the night smoothly from one event to the next.

There was an illusionist/magic show, which the kid loved so much, no matter how cheesy it was.

And they even had a line up for trick or treating. No one really said trick or treat, but that’s only because I don’t think many of the international kids knew to say that.

It ended with a raffle for various gift cards, and Prof was close one number higher and one number lower from ours. But in the end, Piano Man and Linus enjoyed the event so much that they passed out right after washing up for bed.

P.S. Linus’ costume is the infamous costume that Prof and I discussed about whether or not to pack it for our 10 month journey here.  I think we made a good choice in the end.

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