“Ohi” Day and Restaurant Review: Chopsticks

UPDATE as of December 15, 2012:   We recently ordered for delivery of three dinner platters without rice. It was the smallest delivery order I had ever seen. And even with the 20% discount on orders before 5 pm, it was just barely enough food for our family of four. The dinner platters are definitely larger when dining in than when ordering take out.


October 28th marked another holiday in Cyprus, “Ohi” Day, which translates into “No” Day. It is a holiday to commemorate Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas’s rejection of Benito Mussolini’s demand to occupy Greek territory during World War II.  (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohi_Day)

We tried to make our way to McDonald’s in the old city, but we couldn’t even get in the door. The area was overrun by youth, marching band students involved in the parade and others enjoying the weekend.

So we walked further down to our beloved Chopsticks, the restaurant where we had our first lunch after church in the old city. But the usually empty place was also overcrowded. We managed to find one open table and ordered as quickly as possible.

We ordered the sweet and sour chicken, which is the closest thing to Piano Man’s favorite dish back home, and a noodle dish for Linus, which he enjoys.  But we recommend that you never ever, ever order fried rice. We made that mistake the first time.  It’s made of Basmati rice, green peas, and red bell peppers. Piano Man couldn’t stomach this unusual dish.  He was looking for his usual Americanized Chinese fried rice.

Several of the students also eating at the establishment bumped into Linus while he was eating lunch in the high chair.  We managed to scarf down lunch and head out for some fresh air.

When we walked down secondary alleys, it was much more quaint and serene.

While we are not sure how much Cypriots celebrate Ohi Day, we’ll be sure to remember holidays are a big deal here and stay away from the city during those times.

Conclusion at Chopsticks: It’s not a bad place to eat if you like to order “Chinese” dishes that you would find at a fast food place. And for our kids who like to eat Americanized Chinese food, it’s a perfect fit for our family.  Just beware. It’s not authentic Chinese food.

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