Protaras Beach

A couple of weeks ago, we spent one of our last weekends at a beach. As mentioned before, the Cypriots stopped going to the beach at the end of September. Just the tourists, and new residents like us, still keep going.

This was the furthest east we had gone on the island. We were able to find free parking right by the coastline, and walked towards the blue umbrellas in the distance.

This beach by far had the strongest waves we had seen. Not many families with young children were out, possibly because of the cooler and windier weather.

We set up camp right where the lifeguard said it was unsafe to go into the waters. We didn’t know it, but a British couple next to us told us that the reef is very close and dangerous because you can get swept by the current.

So we moved several hundred yards toward the middle, far away from the reef.  The kids were so hungry that we ate lunch early. We were able to enjoy the crashing waves, sandcastles, and wading in the rushing seawaters.

There was also a playground for the kids, and an canopied overlook  to get a better sense of the rocky reef.

Although it was nice to take the kids one last time to the beach, we probably won’t be heading back to Protaras Beach.  The waters are too rough for our little ones, which probably explains why there were so few children. And the middle-aged, topless, German woman was a huge distraction for me.

As Linus was already feeling the fatigue from the sun, I accidentally caught a picture of this woman frolicking and playing some paddle ball game with her significant other. It was clearly time to go home.


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