Store Review: Funtastic Playground

When we first moved to Cyprus, we noticed this large pink banner with colorful lettering called Funtastic Playground.

So after figuring out that it is a daycare facility during regular business hours, they also have a large indoor play space from 5 pm to 9 pm almost everyday.

The boys were super excited to have so much freedom. You could tell from their wide eyes and overjoyed expressions that we would be staying for awhile.

This place was amazing. It had several safely netted trampolines, three or four bouncy areas, a bouncy slide, and two playgrounds. And that was just the inside. Once it got cooler, they opened up the top of the warehouse to let in the sunset light come in.

There was a separate back area for additional bouncy play and for pretend play.

They even had a café’ to serve a meal or snacks and drinks, as well as free wifi. If you didn’t want to spend Euros at the café’, you could bring in your own snacks.

We went home pleased that we would become regular visitors. But after the hoopla about driving in taxis and the safety of our children, that visit ended up being our first and maybe last visit to the indoor play space.

Conclusion: I highly recommend this place. The staff is very friendly and kind. And they even offer reasonable rates for childcare from infants to preschool age children during the daytime.  And when I took a tour of their daycare facility, it was immaculate and safe with corner protectors and guardrails on toddler beds for naps.

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