Craft Tutorial: Paper Bats & History of Halloween

Halloween decorations must be all over the place back home: tv commercials, magazine ads, in store displays, school, signs for pumpkin patch farms, etc.

The parent-teacher association at school mentioned that Halloween is an American tradition, but after skimming another Wikipedia article, this time about Halloween, it turns out that it isn’t just for Americans. Check it out:

The mom who organizes the decorations of the entire school needed help, and I was happy to support the amazing group of women.  Here is my little contribution:

Then she asked for 100 more.  She meant it figuratively. I took her literally.

Now the resources in Cyprus are a bit less, since we used black butcher paper from the school.  But you can make this for your Halloween festivities from here:

Dana uses black cardstock, which will hold up better if you are planning to place the paper bats outdoors in the elements.

The school will be transformed into a magical Halloween festival for the kids, and you can just feel the buzz of excitement at school.

Finally, I just want to give a huge thanks to those amazing mothers who work tirelessly to decorate the school for the children. I wished to be there during the day to help out more. But for now, I will have to settle working on decorations at home and delivering it to school in the mornings.


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