The Halloween Contingency Plan

UPDATE: The costume is here! Thank you Uncle C and Aunty I!

Piano Man’s school is hosting a Halloween Party this weekend, which is supposed to be the party of the fall season.  His birthday coincides closely to the Halloween Party date this weekend, so it is a big deal in our household.

Uncle C and Aunty I mailed Piano Man’s costume all the way from the States weeks ago, but the package has yet to arrive.

So a couple nights ago, I started a conversation with Prof about the costume. It went something like this:

Fashionista:  “What if the package doesn’t arrive in time?”

Prof: “Well, then we need a contingency plan.”

Fashionista: “There’s no costume available here until Carnival.”

Prof: “He can go as a ghost.” (Cut two holes out of a flat bed sheet.)

Fashionista: <Frowny face> (Pause.) “Well, he could go as a soccer player. (His Manchester United soccer jersey outfit with matching knee length socks still fit.)

Prof agreed. But I was sad. To go from a handmade DIY Angry Birds costume last year to nothing this year is a big let down.

So, I thought I would make a different costume out of another favorite character. Having asked Piano Man about a contingency plan the next morning, he responded that it would be okay to be a soccer player.

I asked him why, and he said that he would like be a soccer player when he is 12 years old. Someday. But I think he knew that I was sick over the weekend, feeling under the weather, and that it would take a lot of work to get a handmade costume ready.  And yes, a mother can infer all of that from her child’s facial expression.  (Just kidding.)

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