Apple Festival in the Troodos

Last Sunday, one of Prof’s colleagues invited us to the attend the Apple Festival in the Troodos, which are the mountains on the island.

After church, we treated the kids to a McDonald’s Happy Meal, a favorite of Piano Man’s, and then took off for the hour long drive. Piano Man was itching for something to do on the drive, so I taught him a new game – hangman. He had been playing tic-tac-toe with me for some time, but after several draws, I thought it was best to use those new spelling skills he’s been acquiring in school.

At first, he wasn’t sure if this was going to be a fun game. I started with three or four letter words such as car, cart, and tree. He then took those same words and used them when it was his turn.  I asked him to think of words he sees while on the road to get his creative juices flowing. So he came up with sky, bat for Batman, and “eor” for Eeyore, the character from Winnie the Pooh. I particularly enjoy those moments I can see his brain churning those spelling wheels to sound out a word.

We get to the general vicinity of the festival.  Prof said there are supposed to be visible signs directing us to the apple festival.  We found one, but it was the size of about 8x 11.5, or slightly larger than the size of letter size paper.  But we finally make it after asking someone for directions.

We ate fried apples, saw one of Prof’s colleagues, a beautiful church, and a donkey, and live Greek music, and bought a Cypriot-fusion cookbook.

We had a good time, and of course, the kids fell asleep again in the car ride.  Fun was had by all.


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