“Santa Claus is from America”

Piano Man recently shared with me the story about Santa Claus.  He said, “Santa Claus is from America and than he lives in a city somewhere in North America.”

I gave him a quizzical look, and asked where he heard that.  He said his music teacher told him the story about Santa Claus.  “Hmmm….very interesting,” I said.

Upon further discussion, it turns out that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole, according to Piano Man. (Okay, glad we got that squared away.) But I was still confused about Piano Man’s version of Santa Claus’ origins.

Somewhere during our conversation, he and I talked about Santa bringing presents to children around the world. He said that because Santa lives in America, he only brings presents to little boys and girls in America.

I said, well, Santa could make it out to Cyprus, depending on if the children are good throughout the year. (I know I am adding fuel to the fire on this whole Santa thing.)

So during bath time, Piano Man told Prof about what he learned in music class. He retold the same story about Santa’s origins, and then he said, “Ummah said that kids get presents in America, or something like that.”

Prof’s response: “I don’t think so, <Piano Man> because you’re Korean.  He only gives presents to American kids.” Oh, I can only hope that he isn’t sad when he knows the truth about Santa.

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