Recipe: How to Make Kimchi/Kimchee (Part I)

One of our cravings back home is kimchee.  It is a beloved side dish to any Korean meal.

Now, I have never made kimchi in my life. My mom would say it is easier to just buy it at a local Korean grocery store than to make it, since it can be labor intensive. So that’s what I did.  Fortunately back in the States, I was always near a Korean market, so I never had to worry about making kimchee.

But alas, we are in a country where there isn’t much in the way of spicy foods. So friends have been kind enough to share a few ideas about the tons of different ways to make kimchee. It’s been a bit daunting, since we have a limited supply of the precious red pepper flakes, a key ingredient to make kimchee.

So after watching the myriad of youtube videos, blog posts, and websites, I think I am going to try a variation of this recipe:

I think this is the only recipe that I don’t need to buy sweet rice flour. It seems to be helpful in the fermentation process. Other recipes call for fish sauce, perhaps as an easier way to add some flavor than making an anchovy-shrimp based soup base from scratch. So I may try that instead.

If anyone knows us, Prof is the master chef at our house. I am more of the “mass baker”.  So this will be a big challenge for me. I’ll post a new segment about how it all went. Wish me luck!


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