Restaurant Review: 3 Cows Vs. Pahit Ice

UPDATE as of December 3, 2012:  I made a call last night to 3 Cows to see if they were open on a Sunday night, and I found out that they closed their doors permanently two weeks ago. I am sad to see the ice cream place close, but I hope the owners will be able to find another establishment in their future.


I can’t tell you the countless number of ice cream parlors and types of ice cream we have eaten since living on the island.  But with two kids, it’s sort of a must for those hot nights after dinner.  But I’ll try to give two unbiased reviews of these two local ice cream shops.

3 Cows

Oh the choices!

We tried the usual suspects, like chocolate, but really it was just okay.  I would dare say that Edy’s, Hudsonville, Blue Bell, etc. from the local supermarket at home is better.

They had one interesting flavor called Mastic. When you think of mastic, does a white sticky paste to put tiles on your kitchen backsplash come to mind? Well it did for us. But apparently, mastic is a foliage/flower that you can make into ice cream.


We sampled a taste, and it certainly has an interesting nutty flavor at the end of the bite. I don’t think that’ll be on our top 10 list of flavors to try though.

But when we came to 3 Cows, I think the kids enjoyed this more than anything else: free green space in the city.

Pahit Ice

Pahit Ice was another popular place that we would see people go in to get ice cream. So on another unusual rainy night in Cyprus, we tried our hand at Pahit Ice. Piano Man requested vanilla! I know! Just plain ole’ vanilla. So we decided to get one more, melon.  It tasted remarkably like a Melon-O bar from the Korean grocery store or in Korea. It was Linus’ favorite.

In the end, we thought 3 Cows won us over.

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