Recipe: ‘s Famous Chicken

UPDATE as of November 20, 2012: Just found out that Prof coined it “<Fashionista’s> Famous Chicken.” How come I have short-term memory?

My roommates back in college enjoyed eating my one and only dish that I could make.  They called it <Fashionista’s> Chicken.When I made it for Prof after we got married, he coined it <Fashionista’s> Famous Chicken.  It really wasn’t famous, and it wasn’t even my recipe.  My mom modified it into her own version from a local church recipe booklet shared by all the other moms.

So here’s my quick recipe for an easy meal at home.

Ingredients: (not precise measurements, but you get the idea)

Cut up chicken pieces (cubed or sliced thinly)

Lots of oil for deep frying

Soy Sauce and Sugar (enough to satisfy your taste preferences) or for the more spicy version replace soy sauce for hot red pepper paste you can buy at a Korean market/Asian food market.


  1. Cut the chicken in cubes or slices.  The thicker or larger the pieces, the longer it takes to deep fry.
  2. Shake up chicken and cornstarch together.
  3. Heat up the oil. Use a deep fryer for safety reasons. (If not, be very careful when putting hot oil in a big pot.  You could seriously burn yourself.)  Fry the chicken and batter together.
  4. Set the chicken aside to run off the oil.
  5. Use a pot to caramelize the soy sauce (hot red pepper paste) and sugar mixture.
  6. Quickly mix the fried chicken into the caramelized sauce.
  7. Voila! Done!

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5-7.

Needless to say, I need to make some Cypriot friends so they can teach me how to make some awesome mezze cuisine. Because every time I smell the food cooked outside of our window at the apartment, my mouth waters over the smell of fire grilled meat. It smells oh so delicious!


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