Lara Beach and Surrounding Areas of Paphos

After the trip to the zoo, we tried to look for the famous Lara Beach known for its turtles that come to shore.  While we didn’t expect to see turtles, I didn’t expect to see rain coming down on the very dry island.  It was a welcome relief from the heat.  (If you ever get a chance to come to Lara Beach, you must come when the moonlight is out.  That’s when the turtles follow the light of the moon to the waters. )

Piano Man helped add another rock to the existing pebble castle that someone else left behind.

(Another crazy family, like us, ventured in the thunderstorm for a quick photo.  We returned the favor and took a pic of them.)

So we took a few pictures, and decided to drive on the rocky dirt road to see where it would take us.  (Life is an adventure, right?) We were able to see some wild sheep grazing, a wildly driving man in a SUV flying down the windy dirt road, and an isolated restaurant and “periptero” or convenience store for the last minute drink or snack.

Our little compact four-door car couldn’t handle the wet dirt road, so we went back down the windy road and headed to Paphos. The rains caused some massive flooding on the local streets, but that didn’t stop people from driving through the water.

We eventually made it out and saw this incredibly vibrant rainbow in the distance.


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