Paphos Zoo

We made another family trip to visit another part of the island. This time it was further south about a two hour drive to find Lara Beach. I say find because we got lost for about half an hour trying to find our way around the local area.

In case you didn’t know, Cyprus doesn’t clearly mark its roads with signs large enough for a driver to see. In fact, they make it so small that even pedestrians have a difficult time finding the names of the streets.  Another former American blogger jokingly called it the “Cyprus problem” – referring to all the difficulty with driving parking.

Well, after getting lost and seeing clearly marked signs for the Paphos Zoo, we decided to make our first stop there. Piano Man was excited, and Linus had no idea what was going on.  He just wanted out asap.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but once we saw the map of the zoo, we knew this would be a good afternoon for the kids. Piano Man studied the map with such great intent, he clearly had already mapped a plan of which animals to see first.

After a quick lunch, we ventured off.  We saw some of the usual birds you would see at a local pet store: love birds, finches, cockatoos and cockatiels. But there were some other rare ones:

Bald Eagle

We also saw other large creatures worth mentioning:

We particularly enjoyed seeing the peacocks roam free about the zoo.  It reminded me of the turkeys back home when they would cross our neighborhood street.

Prof called this an adventure, so we did just that.  We took our time and made the most of our day seeing as much as we can. And letting the kids be – which is tough for someone like me to do.  Who knows? Maybe this place will turn me into a more relaxed individual. Maybe.


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