Halloween is Coming

I occasionally take a look at my favorite coupon saving or handmade DIY blog sites to see if there is anything worth reading. Now, if you like to sew or make things, then you should check out this Austinite’s blog: http://www.danamadeit.com/2012/10/halloween-countdown.html

Dana’s blog post about making costumes for her kids echoed my discussion with Prof about making Halloween costumes last year.

Now, I don’t sew very well, but I enjoy saving money and hand-making things.  And if you know me, last year, I ventured to make my very first Halloween costume for Piano Man.

This year, we decided not to purchase Piano Man’s Halloween costume b/c:

1)   It was too bulky to pack in the luggage.

2)   We thought we could buy one here.

We were wrong on both accounts.

But Piano Man is so lucky to have the awesomest, most wonderfulest Aunt I and Uncle C ever! They are shipping Piano Man’s request for his favorite superhero.

And if anyone remembers Piano Man’s first Halloween costume, well, I decided to bring that.  Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense.   It was a heated topic of discussion when we were packing, repacking, repacking for our 10-month trip. The conversation went something like this:

Prof: “I think you’re going to need to rethink taking that costume.”

Fashionista: “But it was Piano Man’s first Halloween costume.”

Prof: “Yes, but <Linus> doesn’t even like wearing the top part.”

Fashionista: “Neither did <Piano Man>, but I made him wear it anyway.”

I also brought a puffy vest jacket that Piano Man disliked wearing when he was Linus’ age. I made Linus try it on before we left. I also fought tooth and nail to get Prof to agree to pack this:

I know it’ll be worn maybe 4 times while we’re here, but it’s the picture of memories that make it worth it, right?

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