Ayia Thekla Beach

Last weekend, we thought we would give another beach a try, but it was the first we had seen it rain here. The skies were cloudy, and the drizzling rain was enough to keep the Cypriots away from the waters. In fact, last weekend was the last weekend the Cypriots would go to the beach. It’s much too “cold” for them to be in the waters. So you will only see foreigners and vacationers enjoying the beaches.

I am not sure if it was the cloudy weather outside, but we were definitely not impressed with Ayia Thekla’s municipal beach, which is only just a few miles from Nissi Beach.

Ayia Thekla has a short beach shoreline, maybe about a foot or two feet’s length.   And once you step in the salty waters, it is rocky.  It wasn’t the most ideal place for little Linus. And never mind the trash, like the leftover cigarette butts and broken plastic toys, that was dispersed on the sandy beach.

Piano Man made two sand castles, one with each parent.  And Linus just walked up and down the narrow shoreline. It worked out nicely since we needed to get out of our cramped apartment space.

We’ll keep checking out more beaches, and hopefully the weather will cooperate better in the future.


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