Look Who Has a Girlfriend

Piano Man had his usual Show and Tell at the end of the week, and the teacher asked the kids to bring something that is important to them and to share why. I forgot that little part, so I let Piano Man take anything that morning.

Walking back home, I asked Piano Man how was show and tell? Piano Man took the red, yellow and black angry bird pieces from a board game he got as a gift before we left.  And then somewhere during the conversation, he said, “Yeah, I told them it was important because my girlfriend back in <the States> gave it to me.”

Girlfriend! “What!? T is your girlfriend?” I asked in surprise. He said, “They don’t know how to say her name, so I said my girlfriend.”

Later during dinner, Prof asked Piano Man about those boys who run after to kiss the girls. He said, “I dunno.” I retorted to Prof, “They’re kindergartners.”  But I guess you’re never too young for love.


One thought on “Look Who Has a Girlfriend

  1. you have to teach them that girls are yucky at a very young age… or else piano man will turn into prof man… chasing girls all the time.. 🙂

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