Arrested Development: The Cornballer Episode

Have you ever watch a tv show called “Arrested Development”? Well, if you haven’t, this is your opportunity to see a clip on YouTube:

There was an episode when George Sr. Bluth invested in a deep fat fryer that made cornballs at home.  However, it caused severe burns when it came in contact with your skin.  You can watch the clip on YouTube:

I am beginning to see why the price I paid for some household items are what I paid for.

I bought one very cheap iron that happened to be travel size. Size wise, it didn’t look that much smaller in size compared to the cheapest full-size iron.  But what should have taken a few minutes, took over 30-45 minutes to smooth a wrinkly shirt.

And when it came time to unplug and let the iron cool, it took nearly 2+ hours to somewhat cool in the air. (I ended up throwing some cold water on the iron plate and that worked perfectly.) So it went back to the store and they actually let me exchange it. But of course, I had to pay an additional extra euro for the full-size model, since it came from a different manufacturer. Right…

Next, came the rice cooker.  Well, it works if you check and double-check it. Now, mind you, I have made rice for my mom since I was a little kid. It’s not rocket science. But if you push the button down, you expect it too cook. Not so with the Bautmann CFXB30A-3A.

The first time I used the rice cooker I pushed the button down, and walked away from it.  When Prof came home, and he told me the rice wasn’t cooked.  I was perplexed because I was certain I had pushed the button. But after a few days, we realized that the rice cooker sometime released the cook button on its own.  Oh, and it gets burning hot on the outside, much like “The Cornballer.”

I know that what you pay is what you get rings so true here. You gotta love even these little experiences.

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