Driving on the Other Side

(UPDATE: We have moved our site to http://www.travelingseouls.com, check out the original post with images (and new content about how to drive in Cyprus added) here: http://travelingseouls.com/driving-on-the-other-side/).

Well, I am guessing there are other countries, besides England and Cyprus, that drive on the other side of the road. But here we are, leasing a car and driving as the Cypriots do.  Or shall I say Prof has. I am still too chicken to drive around town, let alone with Linus and me.

Our kids are so happy and content to be in their car seats. It makes me so relieved to see them strapped in safely. As we continue to drive around the city, I notice more and more families driving without their kids strapped in at all – heads way above the back seat (almost standing in some cases), others leaning forward in between the two front seats.   I’m just grateful we are able to get around safely while we are still learning the roads.

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