Zivania at 11AM

(UPDATE: We have moved our site to http://www.travelingseouls.com, check out the original post with images here: http://travelingseouls.com/zivania-at-11am/).

A few days ago, I went on my usual Monday morning stroll for groceries. Linus and I went about our business walking through the aisles in the shortest distance possible around the store.

We waited in line in the meat section, where another female (perhaps a Cypriot) waited patiently to be served.  There were two grandfatherly-looking Cypriot men chatting away about life, laughing and having a jolly time. I watched in curiosity as the English-speaking butcher carried a clear alcoholic bottle behind the butcher counter.  The three men were pouring the clear liquid into metallic shot glasses and clanking them together.

(Source: Google Images)

The poor woman was still waiting. In the quietest voice, she said, “Excuse me” in Greek. I thought no one heard her.  But the other female butcher heard and tended to her request.  Then the English-speaking butcher asked us, if we would like to try some Zivania. She quickly said no thank you, as did I.

Although, Prof did mention that we should try this Cypriot drink, known as “fire water.”  It’s considered as hard liquor with an alcohol content of 45% and only made in Cyprus. It sounds like it’s 20 times worse than soju in Korea. I just read more information about this special water from:


You gotta love the Cypriots who can hold their liquor before lunch time.


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