That Little Bugger

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There are some immensely huge wasps, mosquitos, and other bugs in Cyprus.  The first or second night in our flat, I got a bug bite that lasted for over almost two weeks. I didn’t know what or where it came from, but something bit me with a sting like no other.

Last week (September 19th), I saw one nasty brownish bug in the flat that was larger than any mosquito I had seen as a child. It flew in somewhat of a lethargic state until I brought out the large yellow Love Cyprus tourism book.  I waited patiently for the right moment, and was fortunate to lightly swat it to the floor.  Then in one fell swoop, I gave it a massively loud WHACK on the tile floor. “Take that!”


I don’t know what it was, but it bit someone “good.” Blood squirted everywhere from that little bugger.


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