Where the Grass is Always Greener

I know that it’s tough to have grass, any kind of grass, in this hot climate.  The wealthier homes have grass. Wealthier business and government buildings have grass. But many public parks, ice cream shops that offer play areas, and even Piano Man’s school does not have grass.  They either have astroturf or plain old dirt/sand/rocks on the ground.

Our first walking excursion to find a park for the kids turned out to be a dud. But the kids enjoyed it as it was the first time they saw a place for them to run around. But the first thing I noticed was the large F@$# something something written in Greek on a very large rock a few yards away from the playground. I felt bad that I didn’t let the boys stay for very long.  Linus was especially mad since he hadn’t run around in days.

Piano Man had his first classmate birthday party last weekend (September 15) at a larger park. It had running and biking trails, and a few nice play areas, but no grass. The play area looked like an obstacle course for the U.S. Marine Corp at Quantico.

(Athalassa Park – playground)

I sure do miss the parks in the U.S. It’s nice and open with real grass.


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