The Fashionista Within

(Note: This is a very long post, so only read if you are mildly interested and have the time to read. Thx!)

I always knew my sense of style was a bit on the practical side. A t-shirt, dark wash jeans, long sleeve hoodie is a definite must.  If I could, I’d throw in my white visor in the mix.  It was always been about wearing a piece of clothing that could withstand several seasons, if not decades.

Now for some women, that would mean wearing something from the stone ages in the 21st century. But for me, it meant utility, wearing out the fabric until the bitter end.  I mean, seriously, who wears the same red cardigan from 2001-2006?

Occasionally, I ventured out of my comfort zone to buy a piece that had a striped pattern, or dare I say, a floral print. But it would only get a few uses, and then sit sadly in the closet collecting dust. That is until Prof got me to start purging my unworn clothes to the Salvation Army.

So I knew I would have to change my sense of style to fit the climate and to fit into my appropriate age bracket.  I tried to buy pieces at home before our trip, but after baby number 2, I had lost all sense of style for the young 30 something. The task looked terribly daunting.

Since day one of living on the island, I noticed that the women dressed much more stylishly.  I knew that was going to be a given.  I just didn’t know how far off my style would be to theirs.

Many of them wore maxi dresses (long and short), floral print dresses, wedge sandals, or Grecian-style flat sandals.  It seemed to be the staple of every woman’s wardrobe in Nicosia.  I felt horribly out of place.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the look of those maxi or floral dresses. In fact, I even tried to buy one in the States.  But by the time I started to look for clothes, fall weather and back-to-school clothing were hitting the stores.   I couldn’t try one on, even if I wanted to.  So I decided to stick with my casual button up ¾ length shirts (solid colored, of course) and khakis look.

One of these days, I might be brave enough to buy a long floral or maxi dress. Someday. And if I do, and you happen to see a picture of me on Facebook or this blog, please be kind. It takes time, like a fine wine, to build a confident “Fashionista” (my code name). Naah. I’ll probably still be wearing my favorite tshirt and jeans for the rest of my life.


One thought on “The Fashionista Within

  1. I think you’d look great in those dresses! Maxi dresses are casual and comfortable enough. This is your “Sabrina”/Cinderella moment. Small transformations through clothes and shoes 🙂 Good luck in Cyprus!

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