Wait! There’s a Costco – Grocery Shopping in Cyprus

(UPDATE: We have moved our site to http://www.travelingseouls.com, check out the original post with images here: http://travelingseouls.com/grocery-shopping-in-cyprus/).

Just kidding. Of course there’s no Costco. (I checked the Costco website before we left.)

Even though there is no large supermarket nearby, we are so fortunate to have found a flat that is walking distance to Piano Man’s school, as well as to the local super market, butcher, and bakery. (They still like to have specialty shops here.)

(Local Butcher Shop and Local Grocery Store Above.)

Prof went to the local market alone the first few days we arrived, while I stayed with the kids.  We all ventured together before Piano Man started school, but I knew the day would come when it would be just Linus and me. So the day came last week when Prof went off to work, and Piano Man went to school.


(Lobby Door of our Flat.  Off we went.)

I pushed Linus in the stroller. Once I got there, I picked up a small metal basket and conveniently placed it on top of the stroller.  I spent probably close to 45 minutes working through several of the same aisles.

And even though I go to the local market every other day or two, I think we have learned to waste less food.  Prof mentioned that the average American family throws away about 40% of food per year. I can certainly remember many times when our veggies would go bad, or the cans in the back of our pantry were expired.

So for our current situation, we like going to the market to buy the things we need every few days instead of a week.  I don’t know if that trend will continue next summer when we come back home, but for now it works well.


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