Supermarket Etiquette

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I don’t know how the cashier works at the register in your town.  But back in MI, the cashiers at Meijer never pick up their cell phones while scanning the groceries.  Multitasking is also difficult for me, especially when talking on the phone and checking the Internet.  On several occasions during our long-distance dating life, Prof has caught me checking email while on the phone with him.  So I can only imagine how the cashier does it here.

The aisles are pretty tight, about 18-20+ inches wide, just enough for the stroller to squeeze through.  And when trying to walk by people, it can become a little like a waltz or even a tango to get passed one another.


One time, I said, “Excuse me,” in Greek to one of the workers at the market, and she replied in Greek that there is enough space for me to pass her shopping cart of canned goods.  I only gathered that information based on the gestures she made with her hand and her tone of voice.

But I think I am warming up to them. The first time I said hello in Greek to the shorter, grumpy-looking cashier, she reluctantly said hello.  In fact the one with the blue tooth device in her ear eventually found out that I am from the States, and she helped me out with getting the correct change.

I hope by the end of the year, I can get to: “Yassou, Ti Kaveis?” – Hi, how are you? with a smile from one of them.


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