The Britney Spears Syndrome – Child Car Safety in Cyprus

(UPDATE: We have moved our site to, check out the original post with images here:

Does anyone remember the flak Britney Spears got several years when she drove with her toddler in the driver’s seat? Well, if she did it again in Cyprus, she’d fit right in over here. We have seen kids standing while facing the rear window in the back seat of a moving vehicle. And toddlers sitting in the front passenger seat with an adult and with the window all the way down. It’s been a little worrisome to see some of these incidents.

But I must say that I, too, have fallen to such lax standards in child-safety. Because we don’t have a car, we travel mostly by foot or taxi. There is no possible way we could carry a car seat with us after our taxi ride is over. So I have strapped Linus with me in an over the shoulder seat belt.


Piano Man is too short to sit without a booster, but we have had to do the same for him. Poor kid, the across the shoulder belt cuts across his throat. (Sigh.)

Now after our past weekend of activities, struggling with a mobile toddler, we have decided to lease a car for the next 9 months.  No more dangerous rides in a taxi.


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