First Week of School

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Piano Man had his first day of school on September 4th.  I was terribly sick with some sort of stomach ach and dizziness in the middle of the night. I barely could get up to walk, let alone make Piano Man’s lunch for his first big day. But by God’s grace, I mustered up enough energy to get Piano Man’s lunch. Prof helped prepare the kids’ breakfasts.

How could I be missing such a pinnacle moment in this kid’s life?

The day quickly passed, and it was soon 3:05 pm. Time to pick-up Piano Man.  With Linus in tow (via Ergo), I managed to walk to Piano Man’s school in five minutes.

Piano Man came out, and boy, did he look tired.  He survived and as usual had little to say. So I gave him time to soak all his new experiences in.

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